What makes this a ‘green’ building?

We’ve worked hard to make 210 Hancock a comfortable, durable, and sustainable place to live. The project was designed to be certified under two “green building” programs:

  • the LEED for HOMES program – for general sustainable building, and
  • the Energy Star program – for energy efficiency

Buildings built under these programs are all third party-inspected, performance tested, and certified to be higher-performing than conventional buildings.

210 Hancock also received support from the Enterprise Green Communities program and the NYSERDA Cleaner Greener program, allowing us to include innovative green features such as solar PV on the roof and an Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

A green building is a building that is built to exceed the minimum requirements of the building code. Special attention is paid to indoor environmental quality and resource efficiency (including energy, water, materials, and land). Buildings built to LEED standards meet the highest performance standards.They are designed to be especially durable, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

Under the LEED system, buildings receive points for including features that are extra energy efficient, conserve water, preserve indoor air quality, or reduce the amount of natural resources used to build the building. Based on the total number of points received, buildings are certified at one of four levels, from the basic Certified level up to the Platinum level. The 210 Hancock project was constructed to receive a Gold rating, the second highest designation.

More information about the LEED program and green building can be found at: